I am a Relational Psychotherapist and Certified Jungian Analyst. I work with individuals, and couples and offer a range of services including: Individual psychotherapy, Jungian Analysis, Couples and Marital Therapy, and Professional Consultation for Therapists.

Clinical Focus

I specialize in relationship issues, personal identity development, personal empowerment and finding authentic voice; challenges in parenting and claiming personal goals; addictions and healthy eating; enhancing the mind/body connection and mindfulness practices. This involves an examination of relational dynamics and behavioral patterns, with a focus on developing sustained attunement to authentic feelings, in an effort to deepen your capacity for intimacy and increase your sense of purpose in your personal and professional lives.

My specialties include:

  • Quarter-life, mid-life crisis, and major life transitions, such as retirement, moving, career change, divorce or death of a loved one.
  • Loss of meaning in life, Existential or Spiritual crisis.
  • Symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, loss, grief, shame, guilt, trauma or feeling numb; Addictions, compulsions.
  • Focus on attaining Life Goals, unrealized dreams and personal potential.
  • Relational Trauma—Impact of unhealthy patterns in Family of Origin, difficult relationship patterns, and unresolved childhood trauma—grief, loss, guilt, shame and buried anger.
  • Jungian Analysis, Dreamwork, Expressive arts therapy, and Individuation.

Whatever brings you to therapy, change happens organically from the inside out, and we follow the rhythm of your pace and your timing in this process. Helping you make a sustained connection to your authentic feelings allows a path towards healing

Couples Work

I work with Couples from a Systems Approach that includes a consideration of Attachment Theory, patterns in the Family of Origin and the Relational Style that each of you bring to your experience as a couple.

We look at your openness to try new behaviors to develop functional patterns of relating and communicating in lieu of old patterns that aren’t working. This includes a consideration of your “narrative” as a couple, your history of stuck places, repeated impasses and ruptures, in an effort to rewrite your story and learn how to repair ruptures effectively when they occur. Learning to work with conflict and develop effective communication skills—both active listening and clarity of communication of one’s feelings—are key areas of focus. We consider how limited relational patterns impact the development of a healthy relationship. This requires a willingness on the part of both parties to reflect on themselves and take responsibility for their part in the relationship that may be inhibiting the growth of a strong and satisfying alliance.

Relationships will activate your core issues, so a relationship is a perfect opportunity to work on yourself and grow. When we realize that everything we experience in our relationship is co-created, then we can step back and take responsibility for the part we bring, as we seek more functional patterns of relating and experience the satisfaction of a healthy partnership.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers


I offer a 50-minute session as an initial consultation for a flat fee of $100.

  • 50-minute Individual session – $175.00
  • 50-minute Couples Session – $200.00
  • Initial 90-minute Couples Assessment – $300.00

Payment is due at the time of session unless other arrangements are made. If you miss your session and do not provide a 48-hour notice of cancellation, you will be charged the full fee of your session.

I am not on in-network insurance panels, but can supply you with a super bill you can submit to your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits or other means of reimbursement. You may want to check with your insurance company regarding your benefits prior to a first meeting.

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